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Image House Stark Charter Article I: Membership and Expulsion
i. All players may apply to House Stark to join the alliance
ii. In order to preserve the integrity and security of the alliance and its funds, all new members will be put in a probationary state that will last a total of one week, which upon completion they will be moved to full membership status. During this probation period city grants will not be available, but resource and military grants may still be accessible depending on further factors. To ensure a successful transition, the government will strongly encourage being as active as possible, both in game and on discord, during this time as it is crucial for new members learning how to grow their nations but also the procedures of House Stark. Their performance during this time will determine their future with HS.
iii. Should a nation fail to meet requirements for certain departments, the department in question may put the member in a probation state with approval from Internal Affairs. This probation must be a minimum of 6 days before any expulsion hearings can proceed with approval from at least 50%+1 of cabinet members. Should any extenuating circumstances arise, with Approval from Internal Affairs, the probation period may be bypassed and move directly into expulsion hearings.
iv. Once an expulsion hearing begins, for a member to be expelled, 75% of cabinet members must approve to expel the member. If it does not meet the needed requirement, then the expulsion fails and the member can maintain membership status but will finish the rest of their probationary time if there is any left. An appeal to the decision may be granted, but must be a valid concern and get at least 50%+1 from cabinet members before the appeal process can begin.
v. Once a member is granted an appeal, for a decision to be overruled they must get 50% to regain membership status. Should they get below this threshold, then then appeal fails and the member loses membership status.
vi. Members may only declare war upon other players with the consent of the King of the North, the Hand of the King, or the Battlemaster. Failure to follow this law will result in punishment.
vii. Member rights:
Have their voice heard
Free speech
Defense when attacked militarily.
Request aid if needed
Procedural fairness: right to know charges and evidence against them.
viii. Member obligations:
Defend their House
Maintain reasonable activity
Speak his or her mind
Obey all rules set forth by government

Article II: King
i. The King shall be the Head of State and Executive of House Stark
ii. The King shall be directly appointed by the previous King of House Stark and the term will be eternal unless the current king steps down. If a king steps down without picking a successor within 48 hours the Hand of the King will automatically take place of King.
iii. With the approval of the Small Council, the King shall appoint a Hand who will assist with his/her duties.
iv. If the King becomes absent and unable to perform the duties assigned to the house, the line of succession shall consist of this:
Hand of the King
Three Eyed Raven
Master of Coin
Wisdom of Alchemist Guild
v. The King shall have the following powers:
Issue general policies to the Small Council to pursue
Appoint or dismiss members of his staff
Provide regular reports to the House
Declare War
Accept Peace
Accept treaties, treaties imposing military obligation require the consent of the Royal Cabinet, white-peace agreements do not require the consent of the Royal Cabinet.
Power to sign or veto any legislation passed by the King’s cabinet.

Article III: Small Council Members
i. Members shall be the head of their respective departments. They will advise the King on policy decisions and manage their respective departments.
ii. The King will appoint Small Council members as soon as possible when appointed or when vacancies arise. The King may appoint him or herself a member of the council if there are no suitable candidates.
iii. The King may dismiss any member in his or her choice as long as it is not during a charter vote.
iv. Deputy council members will be appointed by department heads with the approval of the King to assist Council members in running their respective departments.
v. Department Heads shall be delegated the powers that are written on this document, including powers that are necessary to perform their duties.
vi. Those Responsibilities can be found in Article IV.
vii. The Small Council members shall be the primary unicameral legislative body of House Stark. They are permitted to pass, make, and carry-out laws only under the supervision of the King.

Article IV: Department Roles/Responsibilities
King: Runs the alliance and leads all within their house.
Hand of the King: Carries out anything the King may need. Also acts as King when the King is not present.
Three Eyed Raven: Carries the FA path set by the King.
Master of Coin: In charge of the House’s money. Expected to set up Trade Agreements and take care of Domestic Trades.
Battlemaster: Set up war plans and strategies for the offensive/defensive war. Also regulates raiding parties.
Archmaester: In charge of recruitment and activity of the house. Also will work with the Master of War & Coin to ensure all the House has an understanding of what is available to them and knowledge of our programs.
Wisdom of Alchemist Guild: Leads all technological advances in the alliance.

Article V: Amendments
i. Amendments may be made to this charter by the King and his small council.
Ii. All Amendments must get 50% approval of the King and the small council.
Iii. The King has the power to veto parts of a proposed Amendment or the whole proposed amendment if they so choose.