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Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:56 pm
by Ilke
Nation Name:Box Empire
Leader Name:Ilke
Link to Nation:
Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: i was in some alliances before. the previous one i was in was a small one, we were attacked by a big alliance. so i left after that happend.
Do you owe anything(money, resources etc) to anybody or any alliance in the game? no
Recruited by:ads??

1. We require that you use the leader name in game as your name on the forum. Do you agree to do that? (Y/N) currently my name is diffrent than my in game name.
2. We require the usage of Discord, a free chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this? (Y/N) y
3. For military preparedness, we require all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war. Are you ok with this? (Y/N) y
4. Have you played any similar nation sim games before (example: cybernations, nationstates): (Y/N)n If yes, which alliances were you in, and for how long?
5. What made you pick House Stark over other alliances? this seemed like a good alliance for me.
6. How active will you be? 12 hours a day
7. What is your timezone? Central European Time
8. Explain in your own words, what kind of a nation you want to become, and what kind of help you expect from HS.a good nation that has a good industry and military. i guess good help? i think these people could help a lot with my dreams in this game.

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Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:14 pm
by sojourner

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Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 6:50 pm
by StockHunter